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released September 13, 2011

Recorded at The Earth Capital in Los Angeles (August, 2010)



all rights reserved


SPIRIT FANGS San Bernardino

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Track Name: The Last Ones Left
You like gossip?
Well I got it / everyone got problems but me I just give them
I know what to say to get what I want
I know how to act to get this to last

I’m no gentleman, I’m just starving man!
I got a hunger for things I don’t need or have
I’ve been here I’ve seen that look before
Can you just tell me what you’d riot for?

Cause Now I’m starting to think that there’s nothing beyond me
That frightens me and I know it’s hard to let it go when it’s all you’ve grown to know

I don’t feel sorry for me

So is this how you thought it would be?
After the words left our teeth
I dare you to stare at my face
how dare you say that Im fake?

I don’t believe in love (it don’t believe in me)

I’ve heard it all / Preach from the cause / I still don’t believe
I’ve thought about all of my dead relationships and every girl I ever had relations with

My heart was made of powdered cement once was soft til tears fell on it
now it’s all dried up from too much time

Hard as stone
Heavy to lift

Here’s my fight / My last time / My first night to live
Track Name: .22
I don’t mean to disappoint you!
I’m just doing all the things I want to
If you can’t handle what I now am
go listen to something else

everyone my age / doesn’t need to behave
everyone my age / Oh we can’t be tamed

Oh No! I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas City anymore
It seems like all my friends disappeared
right through cracks in the floor

I’ve come to believe that I am a compilation of people
The day before my birthday is really my funeral
I am a product of my environment
if you just understand this then we can finally be at least be cool but whatever

Give me directions to the nearest exit
Give me direction!

Our ship went down Some sleight of hand
Can you save my soul? Can you save us both?

When the world ends / What will you defend?
When our world ends / What will you begin?
Track Name: Yellow Knife
Bend over backwards
Trying to press on a girl
Well I could of been recycled
If I was born in your world

Every time I look at you
I start to wonder
How could I be so desperate?
and How could you collapse just to lush my chap stick?
when you’re still under me

We are the ones who fought / We are the ones who lost

Listen Yellow Knife,
Being nice gets you nowhere in life
I’ve tried all night

Somedays are better than others
everything feels like it’s in my future
I’ve been seven days sober but that’s over
tonight I’m going under

There’s no right or wrong
There’s only what you have and what you want
There’s no right or wrong Only what you had and what I lost
There’s no right or wrong Only what I have and what you want
You got no right getting me all wrong
She’s what I have you’re what I want

(Oh My God)

Reach out Touch me / I need to feel something
Reach out Touch me / these faults are thrilling

Don’t you stare into her eyes She will turn us both to stone
Don’t you stare into his eyes He will never leave us alone
Track Name: Lazy Lovers
Baby after all you’ve done for me
this is how we put ourselves to sleep
in love and lost

You see it’s not the way it was before
back when there was no type of war in us
I’ve saved the best for last
try to look past
what I have asked

all these things I’ve done
don’t measure up to what I’ve become


We could fight off the ocean and we wouldn’t drown
but we walk on this Earth like we’re chained to the ground
They would always say that I could say anything
but there’s no one here who will listen to me

“I’m not sure anymore.”

Don’t raise your voice when you talk to me that way
Don’t look at me when you don’t mean the words you say

I’ve never told anyone this it was me who pushed myself further to the edge fast forward slowing the progress came to my senses, yet I was still selfish I cant wait that long I read helpless defensive it so pathetic after being let down so much I honestly thought that I was different from the rest

The Same House Different beds we tried our hardest it was our best
If you could just see me now and all these things I’ve done

This isn’t who we are
(Right Now)
This is what we want
Track Name: Nightcrawler
Oh God! I feel me coming down / Don’t you dare stop me now
feel this ripe new blood rush? / is this love or is it lust?

she talks way too loud
she tries so hard to reel me in
She's so starved! so skinny! so pale thin!
Did I come here for this?

(It’s nothing that I’m proud of)
as long as I have lips I’ll keep living this
feast or famine, feast your eyes on me
you love this life love living tired
she’s not worth my time but is she worth tonight?

Man, I’m getting too old for this shit.

Reinvent without doubt
Stutter stammered to get it out
it’s a little hard for me to talk with two tongues inside my mouth

Oh what a sight for sore eyes so much better than last nights
Down the stairs in through the streets
I found my old taste for blood but it wont ever fill me

she said “please don’t leave”

Wild hearts can’t be broken / We just roam free
Rogue Hearts play pretend / When they’re lonely

repent repeat this is the life I lead
regret relief see what’s not me

You haven’t heard my side of the story
I swear she came onto me
No body said that it’d be that easy
No body warned me of what was next

Reckless heart are broken / Watch with envy
Rogue Hearts play pretend / I’m just that lonely
Track Name: Always/Never
Is this Heaven or is this Hell again?
Gone so far Can you still tell?
After all the lives I lived
Do I belong here? Do I deserve this?

it is patient / it is blind
real it waits / they say it’s divine
it conquers all / it won’t say sorry
it never fights fair

Once etched on my palm
Faded tattoo in my heart

Will we always feel this cursed?
Cast out every spell you’ve learned
Tried our parents’ clothes / Set fire to our home

...Somehow it grew, Easy to bruise

I felt the Earth shake
these scratches carved my bending fate

I always knew that this day would come
I never thought that this night could end this soon